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  • Website statistics from Siteimprove

    Siteimprove Web Governance Made Easy

    Need web stats for your CAES or Extension site? Analytics reports from Siteimprove will allow you to easily understand and analyze your website statistics. Here’s what the report will include.

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  • County Website – Updated Design!

    For those of you managing UGA Extension county websites in AEM: We have been working on a slight redesign of our main UGA Extension website that will go live on July 21. This project has provided us with the opportunity to tweak our county website design to fix some problems and to better align it […]

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  • WordPress: Reveal Lightbox

    What is Reveal Lightbox? Reveal Lightbox is a WordPress feature that allows users to view larger versions of images and videos. It works like a pop-up window, but rather than actually popping up a new window, it displays inside the primary window while the rest of the web page dims in the background. To see […]

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  • AEM: Uploading Image and Document Files

    Carefully selected and edited images can add a lot to the visual interest of a web page and creating and linking to PDF files is a great way to share your county-specific information with visitors.  Here’s how to get these files uploaded to AEM so you can find them in the Content Finder!

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  • Counties – Know Your Audience

    Knowing your audience helps you to make decisions about what information to include, how to organize that information, and what kind of supporting details will be necessary for your website visitor to understand the information you are presenting.

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  • AEM – Anchors and Jump Links

    If you have several sections of content within a single Rich Text box and would like to provide some quick page navigation for your visitors, create section anchors and then jump links to those anchors. Here’s how.

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  • How to Write Quality Web Content

    Tips to help you learn the skill of producing quality web content. Let’s look at ways to make good content even better!

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  • WordPress Site’s Favicon and App Icon

    A while ago, we upgraded the site to WordPress 4.3 which now has a new feature: Site Icons! This is also known as favicon which is short for “Favorite Icon”. Favicon is an icon where anyone can see their shortcut icon, website icon, bookmark icon, or mobile/tablet app icon. Here’s some examples of a web […]

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  • Why is Web Content so Important?

    Today’s web users want (and expect) to see or learn something new each time they visit your website. That means your web content should be constantly changing, being added to and improved. Having quality content is essential to the long-term success of your website.

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  • Analyzing Web Content

    A content analysis provides the information you need to judge your website content’s effectiveness, understand how it relates to other content, make decisions about how it should be used or formatted, identify opportunities to improve it, and more. Get tips on how to analyze your web content.

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