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About Cindy Tucker

A web developer with OIT, Cindy provides support for CAES and UGA Extension web content managers, web quality assurance issues and manages Siteimprove accounts.

Upcoming AEM County Website Trainings

The Office of Information Technology will be offering several opportunities to take the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) website training for new UGA Extension County Web Content Managers during 2021. The training is meant for beginning users, but can also provide current content managers with a refresher on AEM basics. Upcoming…
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Can you define visits vs. page views in web analytics?

QUICK SUMMARY: A visit is made by one individual visitor who arrives at your website and proceeds to browse around. Once a visitor arrives at your website, they will look at about 2.5 pages on average. Each individual page a visitor views is counted as a page view. Repeat views or page reloads are counted in the page view number.

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