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About Ashley Williams

Ashley is the lead web designer providing guidance for web design aesthetics, accessibility, usability, and responsive design.

WordPress Theme Update: New Font Options

Starting February 18th, there will be new font options for your CAES and UGA Extension WordPress sites. These will replace the older font options in your website’s settings. The new font families options are: Oswald (headings), Merriweather sans (body text) – Default Oswald (headings), Merriweather (body text) Merriweather (headings), Merriweather…
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Changes coming to Siteimprove Reports on 05/01/21

Siteimprove, our website QA and analytics software, released a new version of reports this year called Dashboard reports. Dashboard reports provide the same overall functionality and content as the “classic” reports you’re used to receiving monthly, but with a new look and feel. On 05/01/21, content managers and stakeholders should…
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Accessibility Tips for WordPress Content Managers

All CAES content managers should familiarize themselves with web accessibility best practices. If you haven’t already, check out our Web Accessibility 101 and Accessibility Checklist articles. All of the best practices mentioned apply to WordPress managed sites. In this article, we’ll go over additional accessibility tips that our WordPress content…
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WordPress: Add banners to your site with Cover Blocks

The new 2019 CAES-Extension Theme allows for full width templates. This means certain parts of your website’s template can reach from edge-to-edge of the page, like the header, navigation, and footer. The theme also supports WordPress 5’s wide and full-width Cover Blocks. Cover Blocks allow you to create sleek, professional…
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Web Accessibility Compliance – Webinar Recording from July 2020

During this presentation we discussed website accessibility best practices for web content managers in CAES and UGA Extension. Below you will find the webinar recording, a link to the presentation slides, and links to additional resources. Remember, if you need help with your CAES or UGA Extension website, please contact…
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Move to WordPress’ New Block Editor (Gutenberg)

This article is for users who have experience editing pages using the classic WordPress editor, and who will be switching to WordPress 5’s new block editor (also known as Gutenberg). What is the block editor, and how is it different from the classic editor? The old classic editor resembles Microsoft…
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2019 CAES-Extension Theme for WordPress Sites

This month we are introducing the new 2019 CAES-Extension theme for WordPress sites. The 2019 theme is an upgrade of the 2016 theme with design tweaks and improvements. Customization Design improvements For our example screenshots, we’ll use a demo version of the UGArden website, that uses the 2019 CAES-Extension theme….
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