Are you ready to learn how to make your CAES or UGA Extension website accessible to all? Our Web Accessibility Compliance presentation from February 2022 has everything you need to know as a web content manager.

We’ve got you covered with the webinar recording, presentation slides, and additional resources. Contact the CAES Web Team at for further assistance with your website.

Table of Contents

Webinar Recording

Presentation Addendum

In the presentation, we mention there are two methods for captioning your YouTube videos. As of 2023, we recommend just one method: do-it-yourself. Learn how to caption YouTube videos by checking out our article Captioning YouTube Videos.

Webinar Outline

Introduction & Overview0:00
What is Web Accessibility?3:25
Who is impacted?3:58
Legal Liability7:55
Other Benefits of Accessibility8:38
Web Accessibility Best Practices10:00
Images: Alt Text18:15
Adding alt text in AEM and WordPress21:26
Images: Image Sliders and Galleries22:42
Don’t use images to convey text23:30
Video & Audio: Captions & Transcripts29:15
How to: Caption YouTube Videos30:26
Links: Links should be descriptive!36:42
Links: Link Text Dos and Don’ts41:03
Use headings to break up and organize content42:58
PDFs: Make sure your PDFs are easy to read!52:51
PDFs: Accessible PDFs should have “tags”54:05

Slides and Accessibility Resources

Presentation Slides (opens in new tab)

Web Accessibility Articles by the Web Team

More Resources