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Mikey Greenland

About Mikey Greenland

A web developer with OIT, Mikey provides support for WordPress services.

WordPress: Columns

Columns are a great way to set up different layouts on your page or posts. They allow you to place content side-by-side on the page. They may remind you of tables, a really old way of doing the same thing. Unlike tables though, Columns are responsive and accessible. At first…
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WordPress: Edit Your Site’s Menu and Homepage

Edit Your Site’s Menu Did you know that you can customize your site’s menu? It’s not that hard. To start, click on “Customize” from the black Admin Bar that appears at the top of your site, or if you’re viewing the Admin Panel go to “Appearance” > “Customize” on left…
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Need help with a MailChimp account?

Upon request, CAES OIT can help you set up your MailChimp newsletter, add a subscription form to your site, and help with any other questions you might have. To help most efficiently we’ll need access to your account. How to share your MailChimp account with OIT Contact us at
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Mailchimp newsletter checklist

This checklist covers most or all of the steps needed to create and send a newsletter campaign using the MailChimp email marketing service. Let us know if you need help! Getting started 1. Have a plan Who are your readers? What content will you send? How frequently will you send?…
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Adding Video and Images to WordPress posts

In this article: Adding images to a page/post Images without borders Embedding videos Reviewing existing media Adding images to a page/post Inserting an image file is really easy. Just browse to the post (or page) that you want to include an image, open it, and add an Image block to…
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Getting started with MailChimp email newsletters

mailchimp logo

Use this guide to learn the basic steps of creating an email newsletter through an email newsletter service. We recommend using MailChimp to manage, produce and send email newsletters. If you use a different service, general information and advice about creating email newsletters will still be relevant to you.

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