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Mikey Greenland

About Mikey Greenland

A web developer with OIT, Mikey provides support for WordPress services.

Creating an Email Newsletter using Mailchimp

Use this guide to learn the basic steps of creating an email newsletter through an email newsletter service. We recommend using MailChimp to manage, produce and send email newsletters. If you use a different service, general information and advice about creating email newsletters will still be relevant to you.
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Email Newsletters: Subscription lists

Create your subscription list Build your subscriber base Build and maintain relationships with subscribers Working with LISTSERVs Setting up a sign-up form Permission-based An email newsletter service is a permission-based tool for mass emailing. This means that you must have permission for every single address that you enter or import into…
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Email Newsletters: Problem with Sending Bulk Email

This is how email typically works: you send an email message from your email client. The message goes through your email server which contacts the recipient’s email server. The receiving email server then delivers the message to the recipient’s inbox. With a newsletter, you are most likely distributing the newsletter…
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Blog Subscribers and Email Updates

Do you want to send email updates to your subscribed readers when you post new blog content? The service that we’ve chosen for this is MailChimp, an online email service provider that can help manage the subscribers to your WordPress site and also send scheduled updates when you publish new…
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WordPress: Working with Images and Video

Video and images can be added to your posts and pages in a number of ways. Most of the resources that you add to a post or page will need to be uploaded to your WordPress media folder. Add images to a page/post Reviewing existing media Embedding videos Add images…
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WordPress: Publishing Posts and Pages

Publishing content to your WordPress site is as easy as using a word processor. With WordPress’s built-in text editor, you can type and format text, add images, add links, quotes, video links and much more. Use this document to familiarize yourself with basic concepts for publishing posts and pages. Publishing…
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WordPress: Customize Settings

As an administrator/owner of a WordPress site, you should familiarize yourself with the administrative tools for your WordPress site. You’ll use these tools to control general settings for your WordPress site as well as adding and managing users. It is important for you to read through this before you get…
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Intro to WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that allows you to quickly post content to the Web. You can use WordPress to publish both posts (chronological entries that can be tagged and categorized) and pages (static information that is not categorized). Using WordPress’s built-in text editing tools, you can post…
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WordPress: Posts vs Pages

Let’s start with basic. This is a visual tour of the UGA CAES and Extension site theme for WordPress. It also explains some basic concepts, like how posts and pages behave. This refers to the published version of your WordPress site, not the parts you might see when you are…
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