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Resize a Batch of Images in Windows 10

Step 1 You will need to install Microsoft PowerToys, which is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience. We recommend installing PowerToys via the Microsoft Store. You can use the following link: Step 2 Once the PowerToys software is installed. Navigate to…
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WordPress Theme Update: New Font Options

Starting February 18th, there will be new font options for your CAES and UGA Extension WordPress sites. These will replace the older font options in your website’s settings. The new font families options are: Oswald (headings), Merriweather sans (body text) – Default Oswald (headings), Merriweather (body text) Merriweather (headings), Merriweather…
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Linking to PDF Documents from WordPress

This article contains instructions for creating links to PDF documents from WordPress websites and is intended for CAES and Extension content managers. We highly recommend accessibility materials produced by WebAIM: PDF Accessibility with Acrobat, PDF Accessibility with FoxitPro, and the Accessible Documents Course. In this article: Web pages vs. PDFs…
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