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Improving your website content with Siteimprove

What is Siteimprove?

Siteimprove is a web tool that periodically ‘crawls’ and reviews our websites and tracks misspelled or potentially misspelled words and broken links. Reports show on what web page and where on the page any issues can be found making it easy to make corrections using Adobe Experience Manager or WordPress.

How will I get a report?

Monthly Quality Assurance (QA) reports are provided  for all CAES and UGA Extension websites. QA reports are generated on the first day of each month and are delivered via email from Siteimprove Reports <>.

Our UGA Extension county office reports will be emailed to each county’s address. If the person responsible for monitoring the uge-email is not a content manager, the email should be forwarded to the appropriate person within the office who can edit the website.

How do I use the report? How do I make changes on my website?

Step 1. To open the report online, within the email, click Download under Download report.

Sample Siteiimprove email for QA reports

An HTML page will open in your browser.

Step 2. The report will show Pages with Broken Links, Pages with Misspellings, PDFs with Broken Links and Priority Pages. To target pages where corrections will have the most positive effect for your users, scroll down to Priority Pages. To view an individual page in your browser, click on the magnifying glass on the left margin.

Sample Priority pages in QA report

The Quality Assurance Page Report will open in a new tab. Once the page report has opened in your browser, you will see a left column labeled Issues.

Page Report view from Siteimprove

  • To locate broken links on the page, click on the “Broken Links” button under the “Links” heading. The page will reveal broken links on your page with a RED highlighted box.
  • To locate misspelled words, click on the “Misspellings” button under the “Spelling” heading. The page will reveal misspelled words on your page highlighted in RED.
  • Click on the “Potential Misspellings” button to reveal potentially misspelled words highlighted in YELLOW. 
  • Please note that you can NOT make any changes to your web page within the Page Report view. You must proceed to Step 3 and open either Adobe Experience Manager or WordPress to edit.

Page Report from Siteimprove showing a broken link

Page Report from Siteimprove showing misspellings


Step 3: Using the Page Reports as a guide, log in to Adobe Experience Manager or WordPress, open the appropriate page and make the updates for broken links and spelling issues.

  • For broken links, replace the link with the correct one if possible. In AEM, click edit on your Rich Text box and highlight the link text. Select the Hyperlink icon in the tool bar. Delete the broken link and replace it with the appropriate new link. Click OK. Finally, click OK to exit the Rich Text box and save your corrections.
  • For spelling issues, run AEM’s Rich Text spell check. Click the little abc/checkmark icon in the tool bar area to start. Incorrect spellings will be highlighted in yellow. Update as necessary. Click OK to exit the Rich Text box and save your changes.

Step 4: Publish your updated page.

Repeat Steps 2-4 as needed.