Siteimprove is a web tool that periodically ‘crawls’ and reviews our websites and tracks misspelled or potentially misspelled words and broken links. Quality Assurance reports emailed from Siteimprove show issues found on your site and make it easier to correct issues using Adobe Experience Manager or WordPress.

Read more about Siteimprove and who gets monthly reports.

Email from Siteimprove

  • The email will be delivered from <>. If you do not see the email, please check your email’s junk folder.
  • The email template gives you a snapshot of your report, but we recommend clicking the “View Report” button to open the whole report.
  • You will never need to log in to Siteimprove to use your report.
Sample Quality Assurance report email from Siteimprove

Report format

After clicking “View Report” in your email, the report will open in a web page. You will be viewing the live dashboard.

Sample format of Quality Assurance dashboard report from Siteimprove
  • If you need to save a copy of your report, use the  “View as PDF” button in the top right corner. This will open the PDF version in your browser that you can download.
  • The Quality Assurance Scores block gives you an overview of how your site is performing in the areas of content quality, freshness, security and user experience. Your goal should be to keep these numbers between 80-100.
Sample Check History table from Siteimprove
  • The Check History table at the bottom of the report gives an overview of the number of broken links and misspellings found over the previous few ‘crawls’ or reviews by Siteimprove. It also shows your site’s page count and total link count. You can use this table to track your progress.

How do I use the report to make changes on my website?

The report will show Priority Pages, Pages with Broken Links and Pages with Misspellings.

Step 1

To target pages where corrections will have the most positive effect for your users, scroll down to Priority Pages. You can also choose to use Pages with Broken Links and Pages with Misspellings when making corrections.

To view an individual page in your browser, click on the page title.

Sample of Priority Pages list in Siteimprove report

The Quality Assurance Page Report will open in a new tab. Once the page report has opened in your browser, you will see a left column labeled Issues.

Sample QA Page Report in Siteimprove

Step 2

  • To locate broken links on the page, click on the “Broken Links” button under the “Links” heading. The page will reveal broken links on your page with a RED highlighted box.
  • To locate misspelled words, click on the “Misspellings” button under the “Spelling” heading. The page will reveal misspelled words on your page highlighted in RED.
  • Click on the “Potential Misspellings” button to reveal potentially misspelled words highlighted in YELLOW. If you find words here that need to be added to our dictionary, please contact us at
  • Please note that you can NOT make any changes to your web page within the Page Report view. You must proceed to Step 3 and open either Adobe Experience Manager or WordPress to edit.

Step 3

Using the Page Reports as a guide, log in to Adobe Experience Manager or WordPress, open the appropriate page and make the updates for broken links and spelling issues. Publish your updated page in AEM or WordPress.

Repeat Steps 1-3 as needed.

How do I correct PDFs with broken links?

Using the same process outlined above, click on the page title to view the Document Report. Once the page report has opened in your browser, you will see a left column labeled “Issues.” Click on an individual broken link to reveal its location within the PDF document. Using the Document Report as a guide, make corrections to your PDF document and upload the edited version to your AEM assets folder or WordPress media library using the same file name to replace the existing document.

The PDF is located on a different website. What do I do?

Option 1: Contact the PDF owner and ask them to correct the issue(s).
Option 2: Remove the PDF link from your website and find a different source of information.

Need help?

Contact us at or view more Help Articles about using Siteimprove.