Creating presentations for distance delivery can prove to be a daunting task. While structurally similar to face-to-face presentations, distance delivery additionally requires attention to technological components that many may not comfortable with. This video provides an overview of presentation creation with specific considerations for formatting visual components, audio/visual tips, and tools that may prove useful as you consider creating your own presentation for distance delivery. 

Table of Contents

Video: Creating an Effective Presentation for Distance Delivery 

Video Outline

Introduction 0:00 
Learning Objectives 0:14 
Strategies for Crafting Your Message The POWER of Presentation 3 Parts of a Presentation 0:35 
Visual Component Formatting Strategies Text and Slide Formatting Considerations Still Image Considerations 3:23 
Audio/Visual Tips Audio Tips Visual Tips 3 V’s of Delivery 8:06 
Tools of the Trade for Digital Presentations 12:34 
Closing 15:51 


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