There may be times in your programming when you need to provide content asynchronously. Perhaps you want to have a lesson of some sort available on your YouTube page, on your website, etc. This format can also be helpful as a resource.

For example, maybe there are a few topics that you get contacted about repeatedly. If you can put together quick resources, how-to’s, or lessons, you can build an informational repository that you can guide your stakeholders to for further information.

A practical approach to this is through narrated presentations using PowerPoint. This guide will walk you through creating a narrated PowerPoint presentation, how to export your presentation as a video, and briefly go over options for closed captioning.

Table of Contents

Video: Creating a Narrated Presentation in PowerPoint

Video Outline

Introduction 0:00 
Learning Objectives 0:51 
Adding Narration and Video 1:15 
Example 1: Recording Your Presentation Through the Slide Show Tab 2:46 
Example 2: Recording Your Presentation Through the Record Tab 4:33 
Closed Captioning: A Brief Overview of Options 7:04 
Publishing Your Presentation 7:42 
Closing 9:42 

Closed Captioning Resources