Hello everyone! 

We are excited to announce that we are officially offering individual and shared Canva for Teams licenses to on-campus CAES faculty and staff. Please see below for more information about this and how to get access!

Why is Canva important?

We have been moving our CAES branded templates into Canva and sunsetting templates for Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. If you are currently using presentation templates in PowerPoint you will need to begin migrating to Canva now to stay on brand since we will no longer be maintaining and updating PowerPoint templates.

Canva is our new way of creating and maintaining presentations and other digital templates.


Please note that this does not change the process for off-campus Extension employees who will still need to use the shared login for their county. County accounts have been created for every active Extension county and district office in Georgia

What is Canva for Teams?

Canva for Teams is an online design platform made for non-designers.

Canva for Teams allows us to:

  • quickly and easily create branded materials
  • share materials across internal offices and programs, as well as with external partners
  • utilize built-in UGA brand toolkits complete with our colors, fonts, logos, etc.

Who can access the Canva Team?

All CAES employees and units can request official CAES Canva for Teams accounts. This includes CAES departments, centers, institutes, and units. 

These are distributed at the discretion of the Office of Information Technology. If a department already has a shared account, OIT reserves the right to conserve licenses and ask individuals to use the shared account. When necessary for the use case or security of the account, OIT will give out individual licenses or create multiple shared accounts for the department, center, institute, or unit.  

Only your officially granted unit account will have access to the CAES and Extension template database. Any pre-existing accounts, whether personal or professional, cannot be granted access to the CAES/Extension Canva for Teams or library of branded templates.

If you are unsure whether your office, department, or area has access to the Canva team, email the CAES Web Team.

Request an Account/License

You can request a Canva license using this form. 

Canva Templates

If Canva for Teams doesn’t have what you need, or you have a question regarding a specific template, fill out the Office of Marketing & Communication (OMC) New Project Request form with the details, and OMC will be in touch with any questions. Enter your name and contact information, then select “Canva Template.”

Please fill out your request with as much detail as possible.

Canva Resources

Check out our on-demand resources:

  • OIT’s blog posts on Canva offer how-to guides and blogs from our IT team on frequently asked questions to ensure you get the most out of your Canva experience
  • Canva Design School features tools and tips from Canva on the in’s and out’s of their platform
  • The CAES Template Library has dozens of templates for presentations, research posters, event flyers, and more. You can browse these in the CAES folder under Projects in Canva for Teams.

For more Canva support, email caesweb@uga.edu.


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