Sharing files with colleagues and other collaborators is easy! Here are 3 simple steps as of January 2024.

Note: If you have your OneDrive mapped to your file system, it’s even easier to share!

Skip steps 1 and 2, and start with step 3.

OneDrive can be mapped to your file system on a PC.
OneDrive can be mapped to your computer, allowing you to access it via File Explorer

Step 1. Log into OneDrive

OneDrive is an online platform that is accessed from a web browser like Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. There are a few different ways to find the OneDrive site. What I’ve found easiest is to first log in to my UGA email account. (If you have never done that, just visit the UGAMail web page, and click the “Log In” button.) Once logged in to your email, look for the “waffle” icon in the top left. Once you click on it, you’ll see a list of popular apps. Click on OneDrive from that list.

Look for the waffle or "app launcher" icon in the top left corner.
Click on the “App Launcher” from any online Microsoft tool
Clicking on the waffle or "app launcher" icon will reveal a list of the most popular Microsoft online apps.
Click on OneDrive from the list of popular apps

Step 2. Upload Your File

From the OneDrive site, click on the “My Files” link in the navigation pane. Once there, you will see a list of all your files. You can organize them into folders to make it easier to locate your documents. Before uploading your document, click into the folder where you want the document to live. Look for the “Add New” button and click on it. If you are uploading a file from your computer, choose the “Files upload” option. Once your file has been uploaded, you should see it at the top of the list.

From the Navigation Pane, click on the My Files link.
It’ll be easier if you first go to “My Files”
Once in the folder where you want the file to be located, click on the "Add New" button, and then choose "Files Upload" if you are uploading from your local computer.
Next, upload your file
You should see your uploaded document at the top of the list of files.
Hopefully you see the file you just uploaded?

Now that your file has been uploaded, you’ll need to select it. Click on the new file to select it. Click on the “Share” option from the menu at the top of the screen.

Select your file from the list of all files in your current folder, and then find and click on the "Share" option.
Select your file, then click on “Share”

Step 3. Share Your File

Special Note for Windows users with OneDrive mapped

If you have OneDrive mapped, you can skip the instructions above. Instead, just find your file in File Explorer, right click on the filename, and choose the “Share” option. Then continue with the instructions below.

If your OneDrive is mapped to your local computer, use File Explorer to find the file, and then right click to reveal the "Share" option.
Right click on the filename to reveal the Share option.

Sharing with Selected People

After following the steps above you should now see a “Share” dialog box. Simply enter the appropriate email addresses and click “Send.” An email will be sent to recipients saying, “So and so has shared a file with you.”

Share dialog box, containing a section for entering the email addresses of recipients, along with a custom message.
Enter the individuals who need access
OneDrive will send an email to recipients informing them that they have access. The email will say "So and so has shared a file with you."

But what if I need to share with a wider group?

You can also share your file with a wider group of people. Click on the “People you specify can edit” link, as seen below, and choose from the options. Make sure you click “Apply.” Then, you’ll click on the “Copy Link” button. Last, write your own email in Outlook, send it to whomever you want, and just paste in your link. Voila!

Click on "People you specify can edit" if you'd like to allow a wider group of people to view or edit.
1. Change who has permission to view and edit
On the sharing settings window, you can set who can see and edit your file.
2. Select who should see your file
Click on the Copy Link button to copy a link you can send in your own email.
3. Click on “Copy Link”
Paste your link into an email. Send the email to whomever you like.
4. Just paste the link into an email

4. Still need help?

Let us know if you need extra assistance by submitting a help request. We’ll be glad to help!