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Getting help with your UGA email account

The OIT Service Desk can help you set up UGA email on a new device (including cell phones, tablets, computers) and troubleshoot UGA email on those devices. The EITS Help Desk (706-542-3106, ) is responsible for setting up new UGA accounts and password resets.
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Using “Search Folders” in Outlook 2010

Create a New Search Folder

A Search Folder is a virtual folder that provides a view of all email items that match specific search criteria. For example, the Unread Mail Search Folder enables you to view all unread messages in one folder, even though the messages might be saved in different folders. Another example is…
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Avoiding embarrassing situations with Outlook

Do you know that sinking feeling you get when you realize (immediately after hitting “Send”) that you just emailed confidential information to the wrong person? No? Just wait, that day is coming. Here are a couple of tricks with Outlook for “saving face” in those critical moments when your fingers are moving faster than your brain.
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