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Quick Instructions for using AEM 6.3

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AEM login page



Navigating Sites

  • From the AEM home page, click on “Sites.”
  • Click on a card to drill down.
  • To edit a page, hover over the left side and then click the checkbox. Options will appear at the top of the page. Click on “Edit.”

Navigating Assets

  • From the AEM home page, click on “Assets.”
  • Drill down to the correct folder.
  • Click the “Create” button to upload files or create a new folder.

Navigating Between Sites and Assets

  • Click on the “Adobe Experience Manager” link in the top left to return to the home page.
  • If you do not see the “Adobe Experience Manager” link, make sure that no page (or asset) is selected.
  • If backing out of “Assets,” you’ll have to click the back arrow in the middle of the page.

Editing Pages

  • When in Edit mode, you can edit this page. You can’t click on any links to edit other pages.
  • To go to another page, click on “Preview” mode.
  • Use the “Tools” icon to publish your page.

  • The “Side Panel” is a combination of your assets and all available components. Use the “Side Panel” icon to hide and show the side panel.

Using Assets on a Page

  • Click on the first Side Panel icon (looks like a video “Play” button) to ensure that you’re looking at your assets. Drag onto your page as needed.
  • Notice the “Images” and “Documents” drop down list. It allows you to view only images or only documents.

Working with Components

  • Click on the second icon in the side panel to see a list of components. Drag them onto the page.
  • Before editing or configuring a component, you must click on the component to select it. Once you’ve done that, a tool bar will appear. The wrench means “Edit.”
  • You can now reorder components by dragging and dropping them.
  • To minimize the side panel, click on the Side Panel icon in the black bar.
  • To delete a component, again click on the component so that the component’s tool bar appears, and you’ll see the delete icon.