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Zoom Online Meetings

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Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, group messaging, and a software-defined conference room solution into one easy-to-use platform. With your licensed Zoom account, up to 300 participants can join your virtual conference and enjoy such features as: high-definition video conferencing; audio conferencing via phone or your computer’s microphone and…
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Presentation Slide Control in Zoom

What is Slide Control? Slide Control allows a presenter to give control of a PowerPoint presentation to one or more participants.This feature is useful if you’d like to give someone other than the presenter control over the progression of slides. Prerequisites for Slide Control Prerequisites are accurate as of May…
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Sharing slides as a Virtual Background in Zoom

What is a Virtual Background? A virtual background is a display of an image (photos, PowerPoint, etc.) or video as your background. Virtual backgrounds allow users to hide their background with a projected image or video. With Zoom, you can set your PowerPoint presentation as this virtual background. And you…
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Resize a Batch of Images in Windows 10

Step 1 You will need to install Microsoft PowerToys, which is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience. We recommend installing PowerToys via the Microsoft Store. You can use the following link: Step 2 Once the PowerToys software is installed. Navigate to…
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WeVideo Recordings

Disclaimer: Videos found here are prerecorded, and the information may be out of date What you will learn in this video Dashboard Tour [starting 00:00] How to create Projects [starting 02:16] Importing Media from Local Computer (Photos & Videos) [starting 07:50] Importing Media from Social Sites (i.e. OneDrive) [starting 08:47]…
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WeVideo Connected Apps

What are Connected Apps? Connected Apps are external destinations, from where you can import media, and to where you can share/export videos directly. Supported Destinations Google Drive YouTube Dropbox OneDrive Vimeo Box What does all of that mean? Import your Videos and Pictures from Google Drive Box Dropbox OneDrive Export…
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WeVideo – Online Video Editor

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What is WeVideo? WeVideo is a cloud-based, web hosted Video Editing software. Anyone can create videos online, without any download or install. With WeVideo, you can make videos anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection and a smart mobile device. Video editing made easy! You don’t need…
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WordPress Theme Update: New Font Options

Starting February 18th, there will be new font options for your CAES and UGA Extension WordPress sites. These will replace the older font options in your website’s settings. The new font families options are: Oswald (headings), Merriweather sans (body text) – Default Oswald (headings), Merriweather (body text) Merriweather (headings), Merriweather…
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