This webinar was meant to give UGA Cooperative Extension county employees with some working knowledge of MailChimp extra help getting setting up their audience and email campaigns.

Watch the MailChimp 101 webinar recording for more information on account set up and other more basic MailChimp questions.

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Webinar Outline

Preface: Introduction and MailChimp 101 Review0:00
Chapter 1. How to add clients to MailChimp – introduction5:50
Chapter 1. Adding clients manually or via spreadsheet6:18
Chapter 1. The best way to import clients is to send a link11:23
Chapter 1. Facebook and other ways to import clients24:00
Chapter 2. How to categorize clients – introduction & groups vs tags26:24
Chapter 2. Adding groups to your signup form28:23
Chapter 3. How to create an email – introduction31:24
Chapter 3. Start a campaign32:55
Chapter 3. Design your email and create a template36:17

Webinar Recording

This webinar was recorded on May 22, 2020. Information was assumed to be current and correct as of then.

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Additional Resources Mentioned

Connect Facebook

Tags and Groups

Signup forms

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