Please see the directive below issued by Chancellor Perdue to all USG presidents regarding TikTok, Telegram and WeChat.

Dear Presidents,

Following Governor Kemp’s recent directive prohibiting the use of TikTok on Georgia-owned systems and devices, I would like to share more about how the University System of Georgia plans to move forward. We share the Governor’s concerns and understand similar concerns have caused several states to implement mandates blocking TikTok and its use from public devices and public networks.

After consultation with our in-house cybersecurity experts and state technology officials, we are immediately directing institutions that TikTok, as well as Telegram and WeChat, not be used on any state-owned and/or -issued devices including mobile phones and laptops unless it is for an authorized law enforcement or security purpose.

The limits above do not extend to personal access of TikTok, Telegram and WeChat by students, faculty and staff on personal devices, provided that employee usage of TikTok, Telegram and WeChat is restricted on any equipment used to access sensitive and restricted information related to the business function of the institution and/or the university system such as health information, financial information and personally identifiable information.

Use of TikTok, Telegram and WeChat is allowed on devices funded by institutional foundations, provided no sensitive or restricted information can be accessed on those devices.

We continue to monitor this complex issue and understand we may need to provide further updates as they become available and as we assess the risk going forward.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Sonny Perdue