What is Canva for Teams?

Canva for Teams is an online design platform created for non-designers. It allows us to quickly and easily create branded materials, share materials across internal office and programs, utilize built-in UGA brand toolkits complete with our colors, fonts, logos, etc.

Who can use CAES Canva for Teams?

All CAES and Extension units have official Canva for Teams accounts. This includes CAES departments, centers, institutes, and units, Extension county and district offices, College of Family and Consumer Sciences departments with Extension appointments, and 4-H offices and camps.

Only your officially granted unit account will have access to the CAES and Extension template database within the Canva team. Any pre-existing accounts, whether personal or professional, cannot be granted access to the CAES/Extension Canva for Teams or library of branded templates.

If you are unsure whether your office, department, or area has access to the Canva team, email the CAES Web Team.

Why are we using Canva for Teams?

Extension Leadership invested in Canva for Teams to:

  1. Make creating materials easier by offering pro features like the graphics, photo library and integration with apps, as well as support from the Office of Marketing & Communication and the Office of Information Technology
    • This is because leadership wants to make promoting your programming as easy as possible
  2. Ensure UGA brand compliance, which is why there are only UGA fonts, colors and templates.
    This serves three main functions
    • Leveraging the public recognition of the University of Georgia to bolster trust with our audience
    • Helping to legitimize UGA Extension programs as part of the larger UGA system and communicate that connection, per Extension leadership’s brand goals
    • Ensure legal compliance, since as part of the UGA system, Extension and all its programs and offerings are legally required to comply with the overall UGA brand

Where can I get started?

Additional resources on Canva, including the OMC Project Request form and further support information, can be found on the CAES Intranet’s Extension Branding & Marketing page.

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