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Adding events to the CAES Calendar

Designated CAES Calendar administrators assigned at the department/unit level may post to a specific calendar location. Before you can login to enter events, you must request permission to access the CAES Calendar application by sending an email to .

Once you have entered an event, it will immediately appear on the calendar associated with your department/unit. You may also request that your event be shown on additional calendars (i.e. CAES Main Calendar).

Adding a New Event

Go to and login with your UGA MYID Username and Password.
Central Authentication Service Login Screen

Click the “Add a new event” link on the home page.

Enter the information for the event:

General Information

General information includes the event title, description, image and associated event website.

  • Event Title – Title of the event. This title will appear in the events list as well as the page title on the event detail page.
  • Description – Description of the event. This description will appear on the event detail page.
  • Is Featured – Check this box to display the event in the featured section of the main calendar page on the CAES website and/or subsites. If an event is marked featured, an image is required.

  • Image – Image that pertains to the event. If the event is marked as featured, an image is required.
  • Image Caption – Caption to go along with image. If an image is used, you must provide a caption for ADA compliance.

  • Web Address For Event Information – This is the URL of a website connected to an event (if applicable).
  • Date to Begin Displaying Event – Date you wish event to begin displaying on the calendar. Leaving this blank will cause the event to immediately appear on the calendar.
  • Date to Stop Displaying Event – Date you wish event to stop displaying on the calendar. Leaving this blank will cause the event to stop appearing once the end date of the event has passed.

Contact Information

The contact person for the event should be entered in this section including name, phone number and email address. This information will automatically pull from the personnel database based on the currently logged in user. However, it can be overwritten if the current user is not the contact for the event. You can choose whether to display this information on the calendar detail page or not.

Event Dates

  • Start Date – Date event starts.
  • Start Time – Time event starts.
  • End Date – Date event ends.
  • End Time – Time event ends.
  • Add Another Date & Time – Click this button to add additional dates for multi-date events. If there is more than one date entered, only the first date/time that is upcoming (or ongoing) will appear in the events sidebar component. Once that date has passed, the next date will display. All dates/times will appear on the events detail page. To remove additional dates, click the “Delete Entry” link.

To add links pointing to information on the web, use the button link and button text section of the form.

  • Button Link – List up to 5 URLs that you’d like to link to via a button on the event detail page.
  • Button Text – Text to appear as descriptive button text. If empty, the button text will be the URL.

To upload documents that are not already available online, use the upload PDF section of the form.

  • Upload PDF – PDF file that you’d like to upload to link to via the event detail page. Browse your computer to select the file.
  • PDF Name – Text that you’d like to appear in the button that links to the PDF. If empty, the text will be the name of the PDF.

Event Location

For Online Events:

Is this an online event? – Select Yes in the drop down box if the event is an online event (i.e. webinar). The web address of online event and instructions for attending online event boxes will appear.

  • Web Address of Online Event – Enter the URL for the online event, including https://or https://.
  • Instructions for Attending Online Event – Instructions to the public on how to attend the online event.

For Events in UGA Buildings:

  • UGA Building – Select the building in which the event occurs. The room number box will appear. Please note that you can choose to skip this and enter the UGA address manually.
  • Room Number – Room number of selected building where event will be held.

For Events Not in UGA Building:

  • Location Name – Name of location
  • Street Address – Street Address of location of event.
  • Street Address 2 – Second line of address of location.
  • City – City of event location.
  • State – State of event location.
  • Zip Code – Zip code of event location.
  • Add Another Location – Click this to add additional locations for the event. Only the first location will appear in the events sidebar component. Additional locations will appear on the events detail page. To remove additional locations, click on the “Delete Entry” link.

Select Calendars to Show Events

The calendar you have permission to post to will be selected and you are ready to submit your event. However, if you would like to submit your event to other calendars, select those calendars on this list before you submit your event.

Please note that only the calendar associated with your department will display the event immediately. If you submit your event to other calendars, the event must go through an approval process. Once approved, the event will appear on the additional calendars.