These instructions refer to the Pro version of Foxit PDF Editor (aka PhantomPDF). If you do not have the features mentioned below, use the free online tool or contact the OIT Service Desk and request the Pro version of Foxit.


  • Open Foxit
  • Open the existing PDF you would like to convert
  • Click File
  • Click Export
  • Click To MS Office
  • Select the Office program you want to convert it to (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Click Save As and save the file with a name and location of your choice.

After conversion the file will open in the new program (Word, Excel, etc.) Review the new file for changes for issues during the conversion, as the conversion is not always perfect.

Your original PDF file is not affected by this conversion and remains intact.

Need more help?

Watch instructional videos on a variety of Foxit PDF features on the Foxit support website.

Contact the OIT Service Desk at or call 706-542-2139.