What is Slide Control?

Slide Control allows a presenter to give control of a PowerPoint presentation to one or more participants.
This feature is useful if you’d like to give someone other than the presenter control over the progression of slides.

Prerequisites for Slide Control

Prerequisites are accurate as of May 6, 2022.

  • Zoom Desktop Client version 5.8.3 or higher.
  • One of the four supported presentation products
    • Keynote
    • Google Slides
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Office 365 PowerPoint

How to enable slide control in your Zoom settings

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal at uga.zoom.us. The link opens in a new tab.

    UGA's Zoom Landing Page
  2. Navigate to Settings.

    Zoom Web Portal "Settings" tab selected
  3. Click the Meeting tab.

    Zoom Web Portal, Settings, "Meetings" tab
  4. Click In Meeting (Basic)
    Zoom Settings with "In Meeting (Basic)" selected
  5. Click the Slide Control toggle to enable or disable it
    1. Slide Control Option Toggle

Note: You will have to scroll down to find this option

How to assign slide control in a meeting or webinar

  1. Start or join a meeting or webinar.
  2. Begin sharing a Keynote, PowerPoint, or Google Slides presentation.
  3. On the sharing toolbar, click Slide Control .
    Note: This option will only be available when you are in full-screen presentation mode.
  4. Select one or more participants you wish to give slide control.

Note: Speaker Notes, typed in PowerPoint, will not be visible to other people

Find more information on Controlling slides shared by another participant on Zoom’s website

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