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Qualtrics launches new user interface

Qualtrics is a free Web-based survey tool that makes it easy for students, faculty and staff to create their own UGA-branded surveys, invite participants and review results. Qualtrics is launching a new interface, called Insight, with a new design and many new features.
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Learning Opportunity: Qualtrics Online Surveys

We posted recently some info about how to conduct online surveys and data gathering using Qualtrics. If you’ve found it daunting to get started, we have a learning opportunity that might interest you. Steve Judd with University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension is facilitating an informal Qualtrics learning session over a few weeks in February open to…
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Getting Started with Qualtrics

You may have heard of Qualtrics, the University’s online survey software. The name might sound strange, but the software is useful and surprisingly delightful to use! Here’s a primer on how to get started.
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