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Zoom Webinars & Large Meetings

Zoom Webinar

At present, the CAES Office of Information technology maintains several Zoom Webinar accounts and one Large Meeting account for the college’s use. Faculty and staff may request to use these accounts on a first-come-first-served basis.

Where regular Zoom meetings can hold up to 300 participants, OIT’s webinar accounts will accommodate up to 1000 participants. In addition, webinars can be better options for meetings with a public audience since they limit the use of cameras, mics and screen sharing to approved users known as “panelists.” Limiting who can talk and share video greatly reduces the chances for incidents like Zoom Bombing and other distractions like open mics or cameras for non-presenters.

Other notable features of Zoom webinars:

  • Participants may ask questions using the Q&A feature.
  • The meeting chat, which is separate from the Q&A feature, may be disabled by the host.
  • Participants may be granted permission to use their microphone.
  • Participants may respond to Zoom polls during the session.
  • Only the host and panelists can see the participant list.

A more comprehensive list of the features of Meetings vs. Webinars can be found here.

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Zoom Large Meeting Room – for Academic Use

Some live online classes exceed the 300-person limit. To accommodate these situations, the CAES Office of Academic Affairs has funded a large Zoom meeting room that allows up to 500 attendees with full participant interaction through cameras, mics, chat, etc.

This license is earmarked for academic use only.

Instructors for classes that expect to need this additional capacity for Spring Semester of 2021 must complete the Large Meeting Request form no later than November 20th, 2020.

For issues, assistance or questions related to Zoom please contact your UGA OIT support rep or the OIT Service Desk at / 706-542-2139.