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WordPress Theme Update: New Font Options

Starting February 18th, there will be new font options for your CAES and UGA Extension WordPress sites. These will replace the older font options in your website’s settings.

The new font families options are:

  1. Oswald (headings), Merriweather sans (body text) – Default
  2. Oswald (headings), Merriweather (body text)
  3. Merriweather (headings), Merriweather sans (body text)

This change is being made to better align our site theme with UGA’s brand guidelines.

How to switch your WordPress site’s font option

  1. After logging in to your site, click “Customize” on the top menu
  2. In the Customize menu, click the “Font” section
  3. Select a font family from the “Font Family: Heading and Body” drop down.
  4. Preview your site to the right. Click “Publish” to apply changes.
WordPress menu part with Customize highlighted
Select “customize” from the top menu.
WordPress customize menu with font options selected
Under Customize > Fonts, choose font family from the drop down menu.

Here are previews of the font family options:

Oswald (headings), Merriweather Sans (body) – Default

Oswald and Merriweather Sans option

Oswald (headings), Merriweather (body)

Oswald and Merriweather option

Merriweather (headings), Merriweather Sans (body)

Merriweather and Merriweather Sans option

Need help?

If you have any questions about this update or need assistance with your CAES or UGA Extension WordPress site, please reach out to the OIT Web Team at .