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Which is best: blog or email newsletter?

Email newsletters and blog posts are great ways to self-publish information about your program and to reach your intended audiences. Depending on what you are writing — how much, how often, and to whom – you may find that writing only a newsletter, posting only to a blog, or some combination of the two will best fit your situation.

blog vs. newsletter

Think about how your audience likes to consume information and the kinds of content that you are writing (or plan to write). Which of the options below are a best fit for those people and your program? Which of these do you have the time and interest to implement and maintain?

  1. Newsletter-only option
    • restrict content to a subscribed audience (not the entire world)
    • reach email subscribers only
    • content is hidden from a Google search
    • articles have no permanent home online, although archives can be established
    • great for communicating with a group of volunteers, a 4-H club, or another exclusive group of people
    • works well for short summaries of information
    • works well for focused, long-form content
    • not ideal for many long articles in a single newsletter
  2. Blog-only option
    • best for information that is meant for the public to access
    • anyone can find blog articles in a web search
    • articles have permanent home on blog
    • works well for medium to long-form articles
    • not ideal for extremely short content

A third option is send regular email updates to blog subscribers by connecting your blog to an email newsletter. Consider the benefits below when you put the two together.

  1. Blog/newsletter combo
    • publish once, on the blog
    • automatically send blog content directly to email subscribers
    • boost blog traffic from email newsletters
    • attract blog traffic from web searches
    • newsletter frequency can be daily, weekly or monthly
    • newsletter only sent if new blog content written
    • ideal for medium to long-form content with short summaries

When the blog/newsletter combo is implemented, you can see visits to both the newsletter and the blog. These visitor patterns often show spikes of activity when the newsletter is sent, indicating that blogs and newsletters work well together to keep people engaged with your content.

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