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Look out! We have a new CAES Faculty & Staff Intranet.

On the morning of January 31, the CAES Faculty and Staff Intranet website, which houses internal documents intended for CAES faculty and staff, will receive a major update. Most links and pages will change substantially. What you need to know is outlined below.

What you need to know

Reasons for the change

  • To update the website’s underlying technology, which is longer supported by the company that created it.
  • To make the site look and function better on mobile devices
  • To help protect the site from outside eyes. Previously, our intranet pages and documents were visible to and searchable by anyone in the world.

The term “Intranet” is used to refer to a wide variety of things. Our administration has made this need a priority for the college and shares our commitment to having a centralized location where the internal information, files and documents you need are easy to find, organized, and all in one place. We appreciate your patience as we work collectively to make this goal a reality.

Other details:

  • File sharing – Collaboration and file sharing will continue to be achieved using a variety of tools as they are now: File SharingOneDrive, DropBox, and various other means.
  • Peripheral sites – The main CAES Intranet content is moving, including sections like county operations, departmental sites, research, and policies. However, some sections outside the main Intranet won’t move just yet. The Ag Business Office and the Offices of Marketing and Communications and Information Technology will remain in their current locations for a bit longer. Eventually, they’ll move into the new Intranet location, too.
  • Training Q and A – Based on administrative and user feedback, we plan to provide a brief zoom session during February to help answer any questions and gather your suggestions for ongoing improvements to the new CAES Intranet.

The CAES Faculty & Staff Intranet is an internal website that contains organizational information, policies and internal documents meant for CAES faculty and staff.

How will it look?

On phones:

On a desktop:

The CAES Web Team would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Email us at .