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Formatting Extension Contact Us Pages

These instructions apply to county website “Contact Us” pages and are meant to ensure that personnel are displayed in a consistent way across all counties.

Step 1. Modify Personnel List

The Personnel List component on your Contact page should be in the “Plain List” format, and the list should be ordered with CEC at the top. The personnel listed on our model website shows how it should look. If your personnel aren’t formatted in this way, here’s what to do.

Edit the Personnel List component.


On the second tab, “Display Options,” select the “Plain List” format. Make sure the box that says “Highlight County Coordinator” is checked. And make sure the list is ordered by “Employee Group.”


Now click on the “Filter Options” tab to make sure there weren’t any filters. Usually, there won’t be. But if there are filters present, remove them by clicking on the little red minus signs.


Make sure you click “OK” to save your changes.

Your list should now have personnel listed in the “Plain List” format with the CEC highlighted at the top.


Step 2. Reorder Components

Your Contact Us page should have the map first, followed by personnel, then the contact form. If your office has a group photo like that found on the model website, it’s fine to keep that at the top. If your page needs to be reordered, here’s how to do it.

Identify which component should be listed first. Usually, this will be your map. Drag the first component to the bottom of the page and drop it into the box with the dotted lines.


Next, figure out which component should appear second on your page. Most of the time this will be your personnel list. Drag it to the bottom like before. Do this for each component, third, fourth, etc., in order. When you have moved all components down, you’re done! Your contact page should be ordered like the model website’s contact page.

Let us know if you have any questions!