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How to Avoid ZoomBombing

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Update as of 3/30/2020 As of March 26th the screen sharing settings within your Zoom account have automatically defaulted to “Only Host.” This setting gives hosts sole permission to share content within their meetings by default. This effectively ends the ZoomBombing threat. If you’d like to give participants screen sharing permission,…
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How to add a sign-up form to your blog

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This article describes how to add a MailChimp subscription form to your WordPress site. We presuppose that you have both a MailChimp account and a WordPress site. If you run into trouble with any of the steps, contact us for help! 1. Add your MailChimp API key to WordPress. Navigate…
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Can you define visits vs. page views in web analytics?

QUICK SUMMARY: A visit is made by one individual visitor who arrives at your website and proceeds to browse around. Once a visitor arrives at your website, they will look at about 2.5 pages on average. Each individual page a visitor views is counted as a page view. Repeat views or page reloads are counted in the page view number.

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