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Need help with a MailChimp account?

How to give OIT access to your MailChimp account Upon request, CAES OIT can help you set up your MailChimp newsletter, add a subscription form to your site, and help troubleshoot other problems. In order for us to help, we’ll need access to your account. Here’s how: First, email us…
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Quick Guide to Using Mailchimp and WordPress

This article explains how to set up a MailChimp newsletter to automatically send your WordPress content to subscribers. Upon request, OIT can help you set up your MailChimp newsletter. Email us at to get started! Setting up a simple campaign using Mailchimp’s free plan Here’s how: Create a MailChimp…
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Can you define visits vs. page views in web analytics?

QUICK SUMMARY: A visit is made by one individual visitor who arrives at your website and proceeds to browse around. Once a visitor arrives at your website, they will look at about 2.5 pages on average. Each individual page a visitor views is counted as a page view. Repeat views or page reloads are counted in the page view number.

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