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Move to WordPress’ New Block Editor (Gutenberg)

This article is for users who have experience editing pages using the classic WordPress editor, and who will be switching to WordPress 5’s new block editor (also known as Gutenberg). What is the block editor, and how is it different from the classic editor? The old classic editor resembles Microsoft…
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How to add a sign-up form to your blog

mailchimp and wordpress logos combined

This article describes how to add a MailChimp subscription form to your WordPress site. We presuppose that you have both a MailChimp account and a WordPress site. If you run into trouble with any of the steps, contact us for help! 1. Add your MailChimp API key to WordPress. Navigate…
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WordPress: Cover Image Shortcode

The 2019 CAES-Extension Theme allows for full width templates. This means certain parts of your website’s template can reach from edge-to-edge of the page, like the header, navigation, and footer. The Cover Image Shortcode takes advantage of this by setting up a “cover image”, a background image with overlaying text,…
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