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Back Up Your Data!

It’s important to back up your data. Here’s how OIT can help.

Your Work Computer

If your work computer has just crashed or is currently melting in a fire, hopefully you were using backup software! In any case, contact the Service Desk at and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

If you don’t have any backup software, be proactive! OIT can install a product called Code42 which backs up your data securely to the cloud.

  • Is it easy to use? Believe it or not, it is!
  • Will it slow my computer down? The software monitors your computer usage to determine when and how to run your backups. You can configure the software to wait until you’re not using your computer to back up files.
  • Can anyone else see my data? Code42 uses encryption so that not even Code42 could look at your data.

Backing up your files to the cloud allows you to quickly and easily recover from ransomware attacks, virus infestations and hardware failures; protect data from accidental deletion or corruption; speed up data transfer during device replacement; and even remotely access your own data.

If you are interested or want more information please let us know.

Get Code42

Note: We do not recommend backing up your data to shared, departmental drives, which we discuss in more detail below.

Shared Drives

Many departments on the Athens campus use shared drives to collaborate. You might call these places by drive letter (“the T drive”) or by the name of the server: Ahab, Dory, Moby, Nemo, and Shamu. We generally have 6 weeks of copies for shared drives that allow you to revert files to a previous state. Unfortunately, deleted files are generally permanently lost. Contact the Service Desk at for more information or for help.


OIT provides disaster recovery for its various websites (the CAES website, the UGA Extension website, and lots of others) in the case of server meltdown, flood, and fire. However there is unfortunately no easy way to retrieve lost pages. If you are responsible for a website and accidentally delete a page or section of your site hit “Control + Z” and sometimes the page will reappear! Contact our web team support at if you have questions or need help.