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AEM Training Options + New Videos!

Want to learn more about how to use AEM to keep your website updated? Having trouble? CAES OIT provides a variety of resources aimed at helping you find the answers to your questions. Here are some options we offer.

1. AEM Manual

The UGA Extension County Manual (pdf) is available online to download and print or read at your computer. It’s our most comprehensive resource. You can print it out, write on it, and read it at your own pace.

2. This Blog

Our OIT Tech Source blog contains a variety of tips and latest updates related to AEM (and more!). Click on the “Adobe Experience Manager” tag at the bottom of this post to see all our AEM-related content.

3. Webinars (NEW)

This summer, we’re offering three training webinars meant for anyone who has not yet been trained to use AEM. These sessions are only two hours long and should leave participants ready to hit the ground running. Register through the Extension Training System.

4. How-To Videos! (NEW)

And now we’ve added a few short YouTube videos (3-5 minutes each) to help new content managers feel more comfortable with AEM. These videos are also great refreshers if it’s been a while since you’ve edited your website. Here are our first four topics:

We will continue to produce videos on various AEM techniques or topics  and post them to the OIT website. We’re also open to your suggestions or ideas that could be turned into helpful videos!

Email your suggestions for videos or any other feedback to the CAES Web Team.