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AEM – Making your County Site Live

At our recent AEM trainings for county website content managers, we emphasized that all county websites would be launched 6 weeks after the training date. Here are the steps that you need to take between now and your site’s go-live date.

1. Create Your Site

When: After your training, plan to use the next 5 weeks to edit, recreate, and/or refresh your county’s website. Completing your preliminary work in AEM during this time frame will allow for a short review process the week before your site is launched.

How: Use the skills you learned during your training and refer to your AEM manual as you edit your county website. We understand that many of you may have limited time to work on your website. Remember, it is acceptable to simply place “Standard Resources” components on each of your program area pages until you can dedicate more time to updating your county’s website. If you’re lacking in inspiration, you are welcome to take ideas from our model website.  If you need assistance at any time, we are here to help! Contact us at .

2. Site Review

When: At least 7 days prior to your site’s go-live date, contact and say, “Please review my site.”

How: Once a member of the CAES Web Team has reviewed your site, we will email you a report. The report will contain some feedback about your site, including minor and major problems if any are found. Please make the necessary changes immediately. If any problems with your site are not changed, these portions of the site may be removed or replaced at the Web Team’s discretion. Please let us know if you need our help during this step.

3. Your Site Is Live!

When: Your new AEM site will be launched 6 weeks after your initial AEM training.

How: We will put your new AEM website in its place. And, Voila! You can take a moment to bask in your success! As a next step, we’ll schedule a quick online meeting to show you how to make any subsequent updates to your pages in AEM appear on your live site.

Remember, our aim is to help you as much as possible through this process. If you have any questions, please let us know at .

For reference, here is the timeline for county website releases:

Training Go-Live Dates
Feb 23-24 Week of April 4-8
March 2 Week of April 11-15
March 8-10 Week of April 18-22
March 15-17 Week of April 25-29
March 29-April 1 Week of May 9-13